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Issue: #3 September 2012
 Parent Trap   


As parents and as educators God has given us another opportunity to be a child, but from a different perspective. We get to experience childhood as stewards of our children. Like our children, we look forward to summer break and anticipate the new school year in the fall. Actually it feels as if parents re-enroll and start all over again...from kindergarten to college.


Like most new things parents are excited about Johnny entering kindergarten. They attend all the parent meetings, visit the classroom, provide goodies for the classroom parties, participate in the fundraiser, volunteer to assist the teacher and the school in a myriad of ways. Every opportunity available they are eager to be involved. Usually the primary grades receive the largest percentage of parent participation. However, as time passes and the excitement of the new experience wears off, as school becomes "just a part of the daily routine," parental involvement begins to wane.


Unfortunately, some parents decide to drop out along the way. This is the "Parent Trap". When we become content with the status quo and believe that once our children have been through the routine of school a sufficient number of times they no longer need us to be there for them. This belief is a fallacy. An even more fallacious belief is that after a certain grade our children no longer care or desire our involvement.


In many instances, as parent interest decreases student interest, academic performance, and classroom behavior also decrease. Clearly, this verifies that there is a direct correlation between parental involvement/interest and a student's overall performance.


We often hear about "falling into a trap". Well, the truth be told, we don't "fall" into the Parent Trap, we make a conscious decision to walk into it.


Parents, I encourage you to stay involved with your children. Go all the way with him/her throughout his/her entire educational career. If you aren't a parent, then adopt a school. There are plenty of children who need encouragement and praise. CCA is a great school to adopt. God made us in His image with a desire for love, appreciation and praise. Don't give up when the going gets tough or routine. Stay in it for the long haul. Believe me you won't regret it. You and your children will be the better for it. At times you may sow in tears, but after all is said and done; you will truly reap in joy.


Spotlight On...


"Spotlight On" is a new monthly series wherein a CCA Teacher from our Elementary School or an Instructor from our Middle School will be featured. You will have the opportunity to take an up close and personal look at each member of our teaching staff.


Each teacher/instructor writes his/her own autobiography in the style which he/she chooses and reveals unique, fun and interesting information about topics of their choice. Such topics may include education, career info, interests, idiosyncrasies, habits...both good and bad, family, dreams, hobbies, trips taken, etc. Enjoy this column as we put the spotlight on the CCA teaching staff.


This month the spotlight is on...

Britt AndersonBritt Anderson
Middle School Coordinator,
Science and History Teacher


Last year I asked a student what they were writing in their notebook, "I'm keeping track of how many stories you tell, Mr. Anderson." I smiled.


I have been fortunate to have many adventures to provide classroom stories. When we learn about earth science, I can share lessons from my Saint Louis Science Center grant to study the Grand Canyon. If we talk about the planets, the conversation with Mike Brown about how he killed Pluto helps students understand the structure of the solar system.
I've had extraordinary adventures in science meeting people such as undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, and astronaut Sally Ride. I've been inside the first Space Shuttle, piloted the Goodyear Blimp, and zoomed around in a biplane for Time Magazine.
My education background is diverse attending Pepperdine University, UCLA, CSUDH, and CSULB. As an undergraduate premed science student I learned about botany, bacteriology, chemistry, and calculus. As a graduate student I pursued America's inspiring past. My history research on the Civil War was accepted as a Phi Alpha Theta paper. The Huntington library holds my work on Civil war primary resources.
I've climbed in the clock that over looks the site of the Boston Massacre, wound up the spiral stairs inside the Statue of Liberty, and explored the rooms under the U.S. Capitol to find the caisson that bore Kennedy to his resting place at Arlington. I've walked the field at Little Big Horn and the farm lands of Gettysburg. I've explored over 35 American Treasures and National Parks.

I enjoy the students, and treasure the victories when they work to learn and achieve success. I value the heart-felt prayers students share in class. I give thanks for the many school families and children that have blessed me as a teacher.

My own family is spread from coast to coast. My son Tyler and his wife Sarah in Oregon, eldest son Scott lands where ever the next student group needs an adventure guide, a sister in Charlotte, and family in Australia and Alaska. And, I'm am always proud to say that Carol is my wife.

If we meet on campus, feel free to introduce yourself. I would like to hear your stories.
School News Article
Buddies at Pumpkin Patch
Another Year for the CCA Buddy Program
Article & Photo by Mrs. Varghese, Kindergarten Teacher


Each school year at CrossRoad Christian Academy begins with many new and exciting activities on campus. One of the most anticipated events in Middle School is the beginning of the Buddy Program, a tradition that was started by Mrs. Wissler in 1991. Every year, each 8th grade student is matched with a kindergarten student who will be his or her buddy for the entire school year.


Throughout the school year, the 8th grade students mentor the kindergartners on a monthly basis utilizing meaningful and fun activities. This includes celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter together. The students also collaborate for Special Relatives Day, the Christmas production, and Chapel. Two of the students' favorite activities have been spending the day together on the annual trips to the Pumpkin Patch and the Los Angeles Zoo. For many students, the time they spend with their school Buddy is the highlight of their day.


As the year progresses the Buddy relationships blossom into mutually beneficial, caring connections. The kindergartners have an opportunity to receive one-on-one attention from a big kid on campus, which helps them develop a sense of belonging and security within the school community. When an 8th grade Buddy is spotted during recess, the little Buddy's face lights up as they run over to them to give a hug and say a hello. The Buddy Program encourages the 8th graders to look beyond themselves and gives them the opportunity to think and care about someone else. This strengthens their sense of responsibility and nurturing qualities. Many of the 8th grade students go out of their way to say hello, even if it means taking the long way to lunch or snack. The bond that is forged during their time together has been life-long for some in the Buddy Program. Many of the 8th graders even come back to watch their kindergarten Buddy graduate.


We are looking forward to all that the Buddy Program has for the 8th grade and kindergarten students this year and for many years to come.

Upcoming Events

Hot Dogs on a GrillBack to School BBQ Night This Tuesday


Don't forget the CCA PTF Back-to-School Barbecue to welcome all parents and students back to CrossRoad Christian Academy. We will be providing information regarding events for the upcoming school year, meeting up with old friends and making new ones.


Please join us this Tuesday, September 18th at 6:00 PM in the CCA Collier Gym for barbecue, fun and information. We look forward to seeing you all there! A Service Hour is available for this event.

CCA's Book Club Starting October 9th

The CCA Book Club is starting and your child can read for the chance to earn a free Kindle(R) Book Reader.


Grades 2-5 will meet every Tuesday starting October 9th from 3:30 to 4:00.


Grades 6-8 will meet every Thursday starting October 11th during lunch.


We will be reading great books and encourage all of our students to participate. Look out for future fliers for more information.

October Coffee Fellowship

The CCA Coffee Fellowship will be stationed in the Primary Parking Lot providing goodies that will be available free of charge for parents as you drop off your children. Hot coffee or tea, donuts, muffins, bagels and fruit will be served starting at 7:45 a.m. This month our Coffee Fellowships will be October 12th and October 26th.

  Picture Day: Friday, September 21st

Get your hair cut... Pull out your blue CrossRoad uniform shirt... Because Friday, September 21st is Picture Day at CCA!

Girls 5th - 8th Grade Volleyball Tryouts


Tryouts for the 2012/2013 Volleyball Team will be held on Wednesday, September 19th from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Gym.


The girls' regular season will begin the week of September 24, 2012.


League games will be on Mondays. Practices will be on Wednesdays.


There is a one-time sport fee of $150 if your daughter makes the team.


Please contact Ms. De la Torre with any questions at (310) 327-3094.





 Family Beach Portrait   

Start preparing for your family Christmas card. We will be taking professional family portraits on October 27th & 28th at Polliwog Park and El Porto Beach respectively. Make your reservations today by emailing Genevieve Richardson with the School Office at richardsong@crossroadca.org




Back to School Night 2012 was a roaring success!

Thank you to all our parents, friends, teachers and staff

for your participation.  

ACSI Student Activities

Spelling Bee Image    Science Fair Image

This school year CCA has registered for three different student activities with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). We will be participating in the Spelling Bee, Science Fair and Math Olympics. 


Math Olympics Banner

Keep an eye out for more information.


 Reminder: Become a CCA Partner


By becoming a CCA Partner you become united with us, our cause and our purpose. You join us in celebrating our Community--our shared experiences, commitments, and contributions; our unique differences, and our common values and ideals. You aid in strengthening our resolve to stand strong in the face of a declining economy where parents are struggling to meet basic needs, let alone providing tuition payments for a private Christian education.



So join with us today. Become a CCA Partner through volunteering and giving of your talents, finances, time, and prayer. Complete a "CCA Partner Response Card" today.


  Calling All CCA Alumni, Former Teachers & Staff

CCA is developing a webpage on our website for past and future alumni, teachers and staff of CCA. We are building a data base to keep alumni informed of alumni news and events.
Please help us by filling out the CCA Alumni Contact Form and submitting it to us via email, fax, or U.S. Mail. Also you can help us in the process by calling, emailing or writing any CCA alumni, former teachers or staff that you may know and letting them know about our new Alumni Association. If you have any questions you may contact info@crossroadca.org or call 310.327.3094.
Keli and her daughter, Tyler      
Alumni Profile:
Keli Randle-Washington, '94


 Hi, my name is Keli Randle-Washington. I graduated from CrossRoad Christian Academy in 1994, back when it was called Calvary Christian Academy. I have always appreciated my years while in school at CrossRoad Christian Academy. They have laid a foundation for my continual growth in the Lord and love for education.


I currently have a 1st grader that attends CrossRoad Christian Academy. I am truly blessed to give my 1st grader the opportunity to have the same foundation in the Lord and love for education that I received. I know that with this start, she like I, will be able to achieve great things.

Keli Randle-Washington, Owner


Preschool Logo


CrossRaod Learning Center:
Seasons of Love


So often, when we think of a season of love or good tidings, we think of the Christmas season, or perhaps, Valentine's Day. In the preschool at CrossRoad Learning Center, we are working with the children on building a sense of community and a season of love now.


The teachers' lesson plans revolve around the idea of building community, working in a group or with a partner and valuing all the people around you. In many of the activities, the children are working on making something together. The objective is to create a sense of trust and develop social skills for the children as they work as a team. At the same time, the books we are reading during story time and the discussions we are having with the children deal with topics of sharing, making friends, and the like. It is important to begin the school year discussing these issues so that the children can continue to build upon that foundation throughout the year.


In addition, we are discussing the importance of loving and valuing each other, as well as our environment. The teachers are working with the children on caring for the environment of the preschool to the best of the children's abilities. We are discussing the importance of treating our environment and materials with respect. As we continue to share love with each other and our environment, we are sure to produce many seasons of love in our school!


For more information about CrossRoad Learning Center click here.
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Back to School BBQ Night
Join the Book Club... Win a Kindle
Coffee Fellowship
Picture Day: 9/21/12
Girls Volleyball Tryouts
Family Portraits at the Beach
ACSI Student Activities
Reminder: Become a CCA Partner Today
Calling All Alumni, Teachers & Staff
Keli Randle-Washington, '94
CLC: Seasons of Love
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A Message from the Head of School
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 Have a wonderful October!

A Message from the     Head of School


At the beginning of every school year it is always great to start off talking with parents.

Parents are the ones who truly hold the keys to a child's success in life. The ground work begins in the early years as we begin the process of "sowing" into the lives of our children. When God said "Whatsoever a wo/man sows that shall s/he also reap", He wasn't just talking about bad deeds or sin. He was talking about ALL things that we sow. As parents and educators we regularly sow into the lives of our children through positive, negative, intentional, unintentional and/or negligent statements or acts.   If we sow GOOD work habits, a LOVE for learning, a desire for EXCELLENCE, a REVERENCE for God and His Word, a positive ATTITUDE, a spirit of COOPERATION and CONSIDERATION of others we will reap those things in our children.


Sowing is not just telling someone what to do, but actually modeling specific behaviors in our own lives ...daily living out and incorporating these characteristics in our lives so much so that they are a part of who we are.   Our children need to see...must see us demonstrate good work habits and a love for learning. They must see us work with a spirit of excellence with a reverence for God and His Word all the while maintaining a positive attitude in cooperation with and in consideration of others.


God is faithful. He is the God of second chances. Whenever we miss the mark, He is ever ready and willing to give us another chance. This is the year that we are committed to being the parents and educators that God has called and equipped us to be as well as the type of parents and educators that our children need and deserve to have.


Because of His Grace,

Dr. Alicia F.Q. Crosby
Head of School



CrossRoad Christian Academy
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Genevieve Richardson



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Mark Deaver


A Message from the 
Preschool Director

As summer begins to wave goodbye, while still lingering in the air, we are pressing forward toward the beginning of a wonderful fall season at CrossRoad Learning Center. We have completed a great deal of renovations at the preschool, including lovely pastel paint colors of green, turquoise and yellow; we have redesigned and renamed the classrooms; installed new fixtures in the restrooms; added more live plants; and added lovely fresh flowers to the atelier, which we've named, "Into the Woods." The atelier is the space in the center of the preschool where all of the children gather to eat, and in the future, it will be used as a studio space for art explorations.


Many of the parents and other visitors have remarked that the school now looks bigger and more spacious! In addition, we have created our "Parent's Parlor" at the entrance into the school with comfy sofas and a chair, a large table and armoire. One mother, while waiting for her 18-month old daughter to finish napping one afternoon, fell asleep for a nap herself in the cozy chair in the "Parlor"! We are planning to add a lovely new fish tank into our entrance as well as a coffee station in the "Parent's Parlor" to which parents may help themselves.

 CLC Parent Parlor

You are all invited to visit and see all the changes that are taking place at CrossRoad Learning Center. Perhaps you can take a nap in our Parent's Parlor as well.


We are excited about all of the other wonderful things that will begin to appear as the autumn and winter seasons approach!




Akida Quarles-Crosby 
Preschool Director 



Formerly known as:
 Calvary Baptist Elementary  Calvary Christian Academy