2012 July Newsletter
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CrossRoad Christian Schools Newsletter
Issue: #1 July 2012

CrossRoad Christian Schools Launches E-Newsletter 


Bright primary colors exploding against the backdrop of the evening sky and drizzling to earth like rain drops of shooting stars. The excited squeals of children gazing towards the heavens in awestruck amazement join in the choral celebration of  the most spectacular mid-summer night extravaganza! Although the spectacle marks as the annual reminder of the birth of our nation, it is also  a reminder that returning to school beckons us in  the not too distant future. 


Too early to start planning the 2012-2013 School Year?  Not for the staff at CrossRoad Christian Schools.  They have been busy since June planning and preparing for the upcoming school year.  With the pen of an ever-ready writer, they have outlined, budgeted, proposed, written and re-written programs, ideas, and plans that will make this year one of the best and most fulfilling ever! 


There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to this coming school year.  Many fun and exciting events are planned to refresh and reinvigorate our CrossRoad community, encourage our students, inspire our parents, reinforce our teachers, support our programs, and motivate our friends, partners and donors.  This CrossRoad Christian Schools Newsletter is the first of our monthly -newsletters you will receive.  It will keep you up to date on all the happenings at CrossRoad Schools.  Stay tuned for future editions and be sure to add us to your address book so we'll land in your inbox and not your spam.


In the meantime, continue to enjoy your summer and remember to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


See you next month.


CrossRoad Christian Schools Media Team




Become a CCA Partner


Partnership was originally a God idea.  He declared that it was not good for man to be alone.  He designed the prayer of agreement so that each person joining in the prayer of agreement increases spiritual power exponentially by 10,000. God's word is eternal The same law of agreement holds true today.  The joining of two or more for a united purpose or cause strengthens each party's resolve and ensures a more productive and powerful outcome. 


Founded in September, 1950, CrossRoad Christian Academy (CCA) is an independent school located in Gardena, California, a suburb southwest of Los Angeles. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), CrossRoad has an excellent reputation in the community as an outstanding Christian school with high standards.  We presently consist of kindergarten through eighth grade and represent the many ethnic cultures of the surrounding community.


By becoming a CCA Partner you become united with us, our cause and our purpose.  You join us in celebrating our Community--our shared experiences, commitments, and contributions; our unique differences, and our common values and ideals.  You aid in strengthening our resolve to stand strong in the face of a declining economy where parents are struggling to meet basic needs, let alone providing tuition payments for a private Christian education. 



The Value of Partnership


 As a CCA Partner you:


 Work together with us to fulfill the mission that God has called us to "provide students with the opportunity to discover and develop their God-given spiritual, intellectual, social and physical abilities";

  • Invest in the lives of children and families to affect them for the better;
  • Play a key part in our success in educating children and inspiring families;
  • Promote and encourage the spreading of the Gospel;
  • Create a lasting legacy that will endure through generations, through the lives of the children you help to educate.

Is partnership valuable? 10,000 times yes!  As we dig in together, collaborating, refining and improving the vision and goals established for CCA, the process is going to lead us to a much better understanding with an exponentially greater level of conviction about our God-ordained vision than we otherwise would have.  


So join with us today.  Become a CCA Partner through volunteering and giving of your talents, finances, time, and prayer.  Complete a "CCA Partner Response Card" today.


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CCA School Board Appoints New
Head of School
It has been a fantastic school year!  God has done amazing work works with our staff, children and families.  We are grateful to our outstanding staff for their dedication to the academic excellence and spiritual growth of all our children.  With great joy, all of our teachers, aides, and office staff will be returning in the fall! 
Mr. Scott Marshall, Head of School will be relocating to the San Diego area to be closer to family.  While his decision was rather abrupt and unexpected, we believe God is in control of all things.  We pray God's blessings on Mr. Marshall and his family as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. 
 Looking forward, we have been blessed to find an interim Head of School who is ready to step in immediately, making for a seamless transition.  Dr. Alicia Crosby brings to CCA a wealth of educational knowledge and a deeply convicted faith in Jesus.  We are extremely proud and blessed to have Dr. Crosby join our CrossRoad Christian Academy family.
Dr. Alicia Crosby, J.D., D.B.C., is a native of Los Angeles, CA., a graduate of Pepperdine University, UCLA Law School and Friends International Christian University. After working several years as a business entrepreneur and attorney, she retired and answered the call to enter the teaching and educational field.  From California State University, Dominguez Hills she received a Teaching Credential in Secondary Education and began working on a Master in Educational Administration. 
Dr. Crosby received Jesus as her Savior at age eleven.  Her love for the Lord, study of the Bible and education also led her to earn a Certificate of Graduation from Cottonwood Christian Center School of Ministry and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Friends International Christian University. Her life is a testimony of her dedication and commitment to her pursuit of the Lord, her passions and education.
In HIS Service,
CrossRoad Christian Academy School Board

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Get to Know CrossRaod Learning Center


CrossRoad Learning Center is a private, faith based program, a non-profit ministry, and a department of CrossRoad Ministries of Gardena, CA. Since the preschool opened in 1979 its vision has been to provide a Christian preschool to the families of the South Bay communities. We focus on caring for children with love and tenderness and providing an age appropriate program, sensitive to a child's spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.


The Learning Center is a member of American Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Church Related Early Childhood Education Fellowship (CRECEF).

xx2605; CrossRoad Christian Academy, the elementary and middle school department of CrossRoad ministries, provides families a continued educational opportunity for their child, upon completion at the preschool. Our ministries work collectively for an effortless transition between preschool and kindergarten.


For more information about CrossRoad Learning Center click  


New Director Appointed at CrossRaod Learning Center
As the great educational reformer and philosopher John Dewey said, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."  As children of God, we know that Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life, and our most important education comes first from Him as we follow Him and learn His Word.  In each step that we take, each relationship that we make, we are all continually learning.   In the same way, as the children with whom we work are gaining new insights every day of their lives, so are we, the adults, with whom they have been entrusted. 


 As the new director of CrossRoad Learning Center (CLC), I am thrilled about the life's journey I am beginning with the community of children, parents, staff, families, friends, and partners of CLC.  I believe that if we can run with the same mission and vision we will all grasp hold of God's divine purpose for our lives.  I have always loved children and am committed to dedicating my life to providing excellent opportunities for growth, learning, and wonder for children.


In upcoming issues I will expound further on the enhancement of CLC's current goals and approach in emphasizing a foundation of Christ-centered learning and play within a loving environment.  I believe that the possibilities of what can be accomplished at CLC are far over and above all that we could dare ask, think, or imagine, according to the power that is at work within us.  There is great power within us, a powerful vision bestowed upon us, and powerful children among us.  May life's beautiful and exciting journey of education continue with increased vigor, passion and enthusiasm.




Akida Quarles-Crosby, Director

CrossRoad Learning Center



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Become a CCA Partner
CCA New Head of School Appointed
Get to Know CLC
New Director of CLC Appointed
A Message from the Head of School
Dennis Uniform Sale
New Student/Parent Orientation
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A Message from the     Head of School

What a glorious and exciting time for CrossRoad Christian Academy!

For over 60 years CrossRoad Christian Academy has been and continues to be a beacon light in the South Bay community for those seeking a quality private Christian education for grades K-8. Families for 3 generations have walked our hallowed halls, have been educated in the classrooms of our talented and dedicated Christian teachers, played on our playgrounds and full-court gymnasium, sang, prayed and worshipped in our chapel. Our legacy represents a long standing tradition that is deeply rooted in strong Christian family values, sharing God's Word and providing a high-quality world-class education for all of our students.

The teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents, alumni and friends are committed to maintaining that tradition, and building upon it by taking the school to an even higher level of excellence. As a school, a community and as a family we will continue to go from faith to faith and glory to glory together as we unite to build our school---its enrollment, activities, student performance, family, business and community involvement, fundraising, and more.

I look forward with great anticipation for the exciting future that lies ahead for CCA. As always, we will prepare to meet the challenges, overcome the obstacles, and surpass the "ordinary" that we may encounter, knowing with all assurance this one thing, "That what is impossible to man is possible with God". Greater things are on the horizon for CCA!

Because of His Grace,

Dr. Alicia F.Q. Crosby
Head of School





Upcoming Events
Dennis Uniform Sale
On Campus Event
Thursday, August 2, 2012
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Special Sale on all pink, green and white polo shirts
Only $7.99* each
*While supplies last.


New Student/Parent Orientation
On Campus Event
Thursday, August 30, 2012
9:00 am - 10:45 am
Become more familiar with the school campus
Meet your child's teacher
Enjoy our Welcome Reception
Light Refreshments will be served
Formerly known as:
 Calvary Baptist Elementary  Calvary Christian Academy