Frequently Asked Questions


We appreciate your interest in CrossRoad Christian Academy and are happy to help you through the application process. Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions. Please call the office at 310-327-3094, if you have any other questions.

Do applicants take an entrance test?
Yes. All applicants at all grade levels are tested. Complete testing information is available from the Academy Registrar.

What is the admission process? Does my child have to earn a high score on the entrance test to be accepted?
Each student is evaluated as an individual. While it is expected that students will perform at or above grade level on the entrance test, grades, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, the campus visit and the family interview are all taken into consideration when making admission decisions.

When do I learn if my child has been accepted?
Kindergarten and First grade acceptances are given out at a parent meeting the first Tuesday in May. Notification for students entering grades 2-8 are mailed approximately two weeks after testing.

Once a student is accepted, what happens next?
Parents are to complete the registration process by submitting all required forms, documents and fees. An orientation meeting is scheduled for all new parents and students just prior to the opening of school at which the new families will receive general information about the school, meet the teachers, and visit the classrooms.

What curricular materials do you use?
We use those materials deemed most appropriate for the developmental needs of our students. All materials meet the California state standards and prepare students for the next level of their educational experience.

Materials used in our Bible program stress making wise, ethical and moral choices, living the Christian life and developing a daily walk with the Lord. Bible lessons are taught four days each week and Chapel services are scheduled weekly.

The integration of Christian faith and learning is woven into the entire curriculum.

Is CrossRoad Christian Academy accredited?
Yes. CCA is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges the regional accrediting body. In addition, CCA is a member of The Association of Christian Schools International.

Are your teachers college graduates? Have they earned teaching credentials?
All full-time faculty have, as a minimum, a four year college degree. Several hold master’s degrees. As a term of employment, all full-time teachers either possess or are working toward California state teaching credentials or the ACSI teaching credential.

Tell me about diversity in your school.
Socioeconomic and ethnic diversity are hallmarks of the CCA student body and faculty. 

How do CCA students perform on the Stanford Achievement Tests?
Overall, CCA students score in the 60th percentile or higher (NPR). This means that CCA students do better than 6 out of 10 students across the country.

What is the homework load?
Homework is a normal part of school life. It teaches independence and responsibility. The amount of time devoted to homework depends on the individual. Some children work rapidly and can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time. Others may take longer to do the same assignments. As a general rule, the homework guideline is:

Kindergarten: 10 -15 minutes                     4th Grade: 50 minutes
1st  Grade: 20 minutes                               5th Grade: 60 minutes
2nd Grade: 30 minutes                               6th Grade: 90 minutes
3rd  Grade: 40 minutes                               7th & 8th Grade: 2 hours

Tell me about discipline.
We strive to communicate clearly behavioral expectations for our students. The Word of God is our guide. Positive behavior is rewarded. Consequences are based on the infraction. They range from a call home, to missing recess, to writing about the unacceptable behavior. Serious infractions may result in suspension or even expulsion.

Does CCA have a uniform dress code?
Yes. Please refer to the uniform dress code policy for details.

Who is accepted for admission?
While CCA is a ministry of CrossRoad Church, CCA is an interdenominational Christian day school. School families come from a broad range of churches in the community. Non-churched families may be accepted if parents understand and agree to the Christian principles on which the school is grounded. In the fall there is a School Dedication Service, the Sunday after Labor Day in September. Parents and students are invited to attend.

Tell me about my financial commitments to CCA.
Tuition is an annual fee. As a service to our school families, we allow tuition to be paid monthly. There is a 5% discount for those who pay their total annual tuition by August 1st. In addition to tuition, there is a book fee, due July 1st. Tuition begins August 1st and ends June 1st. Please note that tuition does not cover the total cost of sending a student to CCA. School families, therefore, need to understand that they are asked to participate philanthropically in the life of the school through annual giving and fundraising, which helps to provide in those areas not covered by tuition. All gifts to the school are tax deductible.